Wordless Wednesday – Fun with puddles

Yummy water

Yummy water

What's that?

What’s that?

Poppy the pug playing in a puddle

Got it!

Got it!

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Wordless Wednesday – Spring Fever

Misc 05-05-13-3

Poppy and Sabrina playing chase

Misc 05-05-13-6Misc 05-05-13-10


It’s Wednesday and time to head over to BlogPaws for their Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

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House Rules – Setting the record straight

Sabrina the pug

Sabrina here to set the record straight.

I’m sure you read Poppy’s rant yesterday about house rules and how she’s “being taken advantage of”.


If you haven’t read it, here it is.

I’ll give Poppy some credit; she really has matured into a nice pug, one that can be taken out into public without too much worry of embarrassment. Most of the time.  The enforcement of house rules has helped mold her into the pug she is today.

One big house rule has been created to make sure each pug (and other dog too) in the house can know with confidence that they can eat their food without interference. Remember, we often have foster dogs staying over. It is important to teach and reinforce  respect for one another.

My bowl is my own. Regardless of how long it takes to eat my fill. If I wish to spend all morning picking at my breakfast, that is MY business. When I’m done and walk away from my dish, it is fair game. That is the rule. But until I walk away, it is my dish. Don’t touch.

On the day in question, mum had given me the wrong bowl when she went to feed me. My bowl is shallow and rounded on the bottom. The dish she grabbed had sides that went straight down to a flat bottom.

I ate what I could from this inferior bowl but left a ring of kibble at the bottom where I couldn’t get my face into. I knew if I sat long enough, mum would figure it out and fix it for me. She can be a bit slow sometimes, but she is always looking out for me.

In the meantime, Poppy had to get all anxious and greedy. For the record, we are fed the same amount of food. There is no reason for her to need any of my portion. Ever.

Finally mum noticed something was up. She immediately rectified the situation by pouring the remainder of the kibble into a more suitable bowl (that just happened to be the one Poppy had been eating out of) and let me finish my breakfast. Let me repeat, MY breakfast.

I ask you, who’s taking advantage of whom?
Leftover and unwanted kibble

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House Rules

Leftover and unwanted kibblePoppy here.

I think sometimes I get a bad rep around here of being a wild and crazy pup with no respect for the rules.  I say that is totally unfounded! Well, mostly at least.

I  have learned my manners, I follow the rules of the house,  I always go out of my way to make friends with new fosters that come in the house and I don’t chase the cat unlike some pugs who remain nameless (Sabrina). I’ve even proven myself trust worthy enough that I get to go to Pugfest this year.

Say it with me… P-U-G-F-E-S-T!

Anyway, I have been really making an effort to be a good pug and I feel my efforts are being taken advantage of.

Let me give you an example.

Yesterday morning Sabrina and I were fed our breakfast. Late. This is a common occurrence in the morning, but I take it in stride. You know? The rule is Sabrina and I have to sit in the living room while mum plays the “how long can I tease the dogs for” game. For this game, we have to sit still and wait for her give the ok before we can rush to our bowls of food which have been placed on the floor.

After what feels like a year she finally gives us the go ahead to eat. As I am starved from being without food for over 12 hours I go and chow down. No messing around when it come to breakfast. The faster the food gets in my belly, the better it is for everyone.

Of course Sabrina has to think about eating and then daintily pick each kibble out of the bowl, drop it on the floor and thoroughly examine it before eating it. And that is for every single little kibble. Have I ever mentioned she can be a little neurotic?


The second stupid rule about dinner time in our house is that no-puggy may approach another pug’s bowl until that second pug has walked away. I think Sabrina made the rule up and mum just enforces it. It’s stupid really. I mean, if you are going to donkey while eating your dinner you probably aren’t even hungry in the first place and are just eating to make sure us starving pugs (ME) can’t have any.

But I’m a good pug and I abide by the rules regardless of how stupid or unfair they are.

So this morning in question, Sabrina picks and contemplates each and every piece of kibble and then she stops and just sits there with food still in her dish. Because she is still sitting beside her dish, it doesn’t count as walking away. So I wait, and I wait. I can feel my tummy grumbling in hunger and the drool pooling in my mouth. And she just sits there looking dazed.

“Eat the darn food already!”

But no.

I could have gone and dove in, but no. I am a good pug so I just sat and cried. What else could I do?

Finally mum comes by, grabs MY dish and pours uneaten the kibble in it. YES!

And then she pushes me away and gives my dish to Sabrina who happily grunts away and finishes her meal.

Really, how much can a pug take?
Poppy the pug waiting for food

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Wordless Wednesday – Pug vs Cat wresting match

Poppy and Shinobi love to wrestle together.

This Wordless Wednesday brought to you by Poppy

This Wordless Wednesday brought to you by Poppy

It’s Wednesday and time to head over to BlogPaws for their Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

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What does love mean to you?

Sabrina Pugtails looking cute What does love mean to you?

Love is the joy and excitement that bubbles out of me when my humans come home after being gone for a long time (or even a few minutes).

Love is snuggles with my humans, Poppy, other doggy friends or even the rare cuddle with Shinobi-kitty.

Love is a good chin scritch, which I return with palm kisses.

Love is the happiness of a trip to the dog park or a stroll around the neighbourhood.

Love is posing for pictures in random and sometimes scary places because it makes mum happy. Love is trust and  knowing my humans will never allow anything bad happen to me.

Love is companionship with Poppy.

Love is all the friends I have made, both in person and through the blogging community, catching up and knowing they are loved too.

Love is Pug rescue (and other dogs too, of course); helping them out of difficult and sometimes really bad situations and watching them find love with their new forever families.

Love is food in my bowl and treat given on the sly.

Love is my family.  I love them and they love me.

What does love mean to you?

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Almost Wordless Wednesday – How many bodies can you fit on a loveseat?

Sabrina-Poppy-Lilly snuggles 02-10-13During the winter months we all spend lots of time bundled on the couch. There’s usually a month or two every winter where it’s just too cold to go outside for more than a quick pee and then back inside before your toes freeze.

The couch of choice is the loveseat. The humans sit on their computers and there’s just enough room left over for Poppy and me to snuggle in between. Since Lilly’s come to live with us, the couch has gotten a little more…….. snuggly. She may THINK she’s only 15 pounds and no bigger than Poppy, but pictures don’t lie.

Amazingly we can all still fit on the little couch. Sometimes it means we have to pile on tope of each other to do it, but what’s a little Pug-pile between friends?

It’s Wednesday and time to head over to BlogPaws for their Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop. 


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Wordless Wednesday – Busted!

Nothing to see here. I am not cuddling with the cat.... we're just keeping each other warm. Go turn up the heat, it's freezing in here!

Nothing to see here. I am not cuddling with the cat…. we’re just keeping each other warm. Go turn up the heat, it’s freezing in here!

It’s Wednesday and time to head over to BlogPaws for their Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

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Magically appearing puppies

Poppy the black pug

Hey, it’s Poppy here today! Sabrina says now that I’m an adult Pug I need to start talking about more serious stuff; it can’t all be dog-parking and sock stealing adventures. Pfffft!



Meeka at 5 weeks pregnant.

Today I want to introduce you to Meeka. She is a tiny black pug who is only a few month older than me. She is so little and cute, she could be my twin. She came into rescue a few weeks ago after being posted on Kijiji. Her previous family had only just gotten her and her pal – a boy Puggle a few weeks before.

Right about that time Meeka went into heat – something female Pugs (and other dogs too, I guess) do when their bodies think it’s time to start making puppies.

Of course, if your girly bits are removed like mine were, your body will never even think about puppies.

So, she went into heat. Coincidentally her Puggle pal also had all his boy bits. I don’t know how all that stuff works, but Meeka ended up with a tummy full of squirmy puppies and a family who decided that a mom with puppies was going to be way too much work. Up on Kijiji she went.

Thankfully, the rescue constantly watches Kijiji for vulnerable dogs, and so do many of their supporters. Within hours, little Meeka was whisked away and on her way to the vet for a check-up – in a snowstorm even.

The rescue girls were worried about her being so tiny (14 pounds at ½ way through her pregnancy) and the daddy being so big (Puggles usually weigh closer to 30 pounds) but the vet said she’d be ok and set up a follow-up appointment for a better check on the babies once she was closer to the estimated due date of Valentines day.

She won’t be needing that appointment. Somebody must have messed up counting because those puppies came last night.

I’m with The Will and “all for magically appearing puppies”, but I know you want all the gory details and blow-by-blows. So here goes.  **Note – it isn’t all happy. 

11:45 Meeka started pushing.
1:37 – Auntie Jessica got a call from the foster mom, that Meeka had been pushing and then stopped. Starting to get worried, she was going take Meeka to the vet, as nothing had happened for a while. While Auntie was messaging the three vets from Southglen, her foster mom was making a call to the Pembina Emergency Vet, to let them know she may be coming down, then it happened…
1:53 – Puppy #1 – Black Male – moving around and squealing, Meeka cleaned him up well.
2:04 – Puppy #2 – Black Male w/white flash on chest and white on toes. **This little guy didn’t make it. He was squealing when he came out and while she was cleaning him, but then he stopped breathing. Her foster mom tried everything and did the best she could, but we couldn’t get the little angel back…. RIP. 
2:56 – Puppy #3 – Black Female w/white stripe on chest
3:01 – Puppy #4 – Black Male w/long white stripe down chest/tummy area
4:23 – Puppy #5 – Black Male w/triangle-shaped white blaze on chest
5:01 – Puppy #6 – Black Female w/small circle of white on chest

At 7:59 Auntie heard from the foster mom that all were doing well and eating. Meeka is being a good mom; she is very interested in cleaning the babies.

So there you go!  Mum says it will be a few weeks before I get to meet the new babies. I feel a special kinship already. I mean, not only is Meeka a little black Pug just like me, but if I hadn’t been saved by the rescue, that could have been me!

My pal Bellatrix says February is Black Pug month. Yea, I don’t know where she gets these things either but I’ll go with it.

Well Miss Meeka has done Black Pug month proud by introducing 5 healthy, happy little black pugs. Way to go Meeka!

Five "magically appearing puppies" only a few hours old.

Five “magically appearing puppies” only a few hours old.

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Friday Foster Feature – Lilly the Pug/Bulldog

 Lilly-9Meet Lilly. She is a one-year old Pug/Bulldog available for adoption through the Boston Terrier and Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba. She has been staying with us while she looks for her forever home. Lilly loves to play and play. When she is done playing she loves to snuggle. Despite being much larger, Lilly is convinced she is only 15 pounds and no bigger than Poppy. She will try to fit into the smallest spaces to cuddle. She even tries to take over my dog beds which she is way to big for.

From the second she walked through the door her and Poppy have been best buds.
Lilly-2All day long they play. They chase each other through the house and rebound off the couches. They run and jump on the bed and then run back through the house. When they aren’t running about like crazy dogs, they wrestle and play mouths. What is mouths you ask? Watch this and you’ll see.

**Note – All the noise you hear in this video is coming from Poppy. That pup is so LOUD!

Honestly I can’t complain too much. As long as they are keeping each other entertained, they aren’t usually expecting me to play with them. I’d way rather hang out with the humans and cuddle, thank you very much.

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