The day I met the ultimate Pack Leader

What an amazing weekend! Girl’s night, pictures with Santa and Cesar Millan!

I’ll tell you more about girl’s night and the Santa pictures another day. Today I want to talk about Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisper. He was in town this weekend doing a dog seminar.  The show was last night and Mum went without me, but she promised a big surprise that would make up for it. I was pretty unimpressed when I found out that dogs were not allowed to his show, not even pugs.

This morning we got up really early. Almost too early for me to even want to eat breakfast. Almost. We drove for an awfully long time and even got lost once. A quick check on the “smart” phone quickly showed where the wrong turn had been made and we got back on track. When we did arrive at our destination it was still dark out and terribly cold. There were a bunch of people and their dogs sitting/standing in a line.

Surprise Sabrina! You are going to get to meet Cesar Millan and you’re even going get your picture taken with him!

I was just shivering with delight and anticipation.

Soon that shivering turned to shaking from cold, but mum brought my sweater, a chair to keep me off the cement and a blanket to cuddle in. When that wasn’t enough, mum sat me on her lap in the chair and wrapped her coat and the blanket around both of us. We had a long time to wait, but I wait in my kennel on a daily basis, so I knew I could handle it.

Lola the Doberman and Bella the Min-Pin

There were so many dogs to meet and people to get cuddles from, the time seemed to fly by. I made a bunch of new friends like Lexi the Puggle. Lola and Bella, the Doberman Pincer and the Miniature Pincer looked a bit scary at first, but they were just as happy to be there as I was.

There were dogs of all shapes and sizes, from tiny Chihuahuas to giant Mastiffs and Great Danes.  There were dogs in sweaters, dogs wrapped in blankets and dogs that were warm, just as they were. We all had one thing in common, humans and dogs alike – a love for the ultimate Pack Leader.

Even Lily was there – although her name is now Willow. Willow is a puppy mill survivor that Mum was foster when I was first rescued. She was adopted pretty soon after by a very nice couple who love her very much. She comes to the Pug Parties every now and again. I miss you Lily – I mean Willow.

The nice people from Pet Valu came around several times with drinks for the humans and lots of treats for the canines. They told jokes and had contests to keep the humans entertained. I showed off my paw shaking skills and even won a prize for myself.

Finally the big moment came and it was our turn to get our picture taken. Cesar sure smells nice. I was kind of sad that he didn’t want to shake my paw, but I’ll treasure our picture together forever.

Cesar, please shake my paw

I didn’t realize how exhausted I was from all the excitement and the cold until we got back in the car. The heat started blowing on me, I curled up under a blanket and dreamed dog whispering dreams all the way home.


About Sabrina's Pug Tails

My name is Sabrina. I am a three year old fawn pug who lives with my three humans and my brother-cat Shinobi. I came to live with my family in February of 2010. I don’t remember much about my life before that. I know that I didn’t have a nice warm bed to sleep in or soft couches to lay on. I was rescued from my previous life by the Boston Terrier & Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba along with my brother, sister and mom. My human mum tells me that some dogs work at being smart and some work at being cute, and I am very, very cute. I think there may be some kind of insult here………
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2 Responses to The day I met the ultimate Pack Leader

  1. Lindsay says:

    How could Cesar not want to shake that adorable paw? Sounds like you had a fun day meeting Cesar, Sabrina!

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