Why Pugs are better than newborns

Merry Christmas!

I’ve got so much to catch up on; four days in a row of holiday celebrations! Four! And I’m still only on day three!

First I have to tell you The Will truly did return in time for Christmas. So happy!
I do have to admit though, I’m still kinda scared that he’s going to leave again.

The same night The Will came home was also the first night of holiday celebrations, but more on that later.

Last night – day two of celebrations, we all went to visit mum’s family for a Christmas Eve party. There was lots of new people, new smells and food. I have to tell you, if there is anything I’ve learned about Christmas this year, it’s that Christmas means food. Lots and lots of food. Sadly, I am not allowed most of the food that gets put out. And yet, my collar is still fitting a bit tighter.

There was this thing called a newborn that came to this party. I”m not sure if you’ve ever seen a newborn. They don’t do much; they’re kinda small, funny smelling and wrinkly. For some reasons, all the humans, especially the female humans, can’t get enough of them. This newborn kept being passed around like it was the cutest most adorable thing. More adorable than a Pug. More adorable than a Pug puppy, if you can believe that.

I know! I didn’t think any such thing existed, but I’ve been witness to the phenomenon. Oh, and when it got stinky, the humans argued over who got to take it away and make it smell……………. not stinky any more. And! And! They kept taking pictures of it! They passed it around and took pictures of themselves holding it!

Auntie A with the "newborn"

Don’t they understand that the camera is MY thing? I mean, I don’t mind if the humans want to take pictures WITH me, but this whole taking pictures and not letting me be in front of the lens should be a punishable crime.

Finally I had enough. I laid down in the middle of the floor and waited for someone to notice me and take a picture of me.
Not the best picture mum has ever taken. It took several tries before she even got this one – I lay patiently the whole time waiting for her to tell me “OK”.  Quite frankly I think she may have still been distracted by the newborn. Traitor!

Timmy and I have discussed this at length, trying to figure out this strange obsession with these small beings.  In the end we still could not come up with a clear answer, so me made a couple lists. There are some key characteristics Pugs and newborns share:
– Pugs are wrinkly                                  – Newborns are wrinkly
– Humans like to snuggle pugs            – Newborns seem to be fairly snuggly
– Pugs are always on a restricted diet – Newborns only drink milk

And here I have compiled a list of how Pugs are different from newborns
– Pugs snort                                             – Newborns cry
– Pugs can potty outside                        – Newborns potty whenever, wherever they please  – Pug feet smell like Doritos                 – Newborn heads smell like sour milk
– Pugs can come to you for snuggles   – Newborns are as mobile as sacks of flour
– Pugs are covered with soft fur           – Newborns, not so much

So as you can plainly see, although we have some similarities, Pugs are definitely better than newborns.


About Sabrina's Pug Tails

My name is Sabrina. I am a three year old fawn pug who lives with my three humans and my brother-cat Shinobi. I came to live with my family in February of 2010. I don’t remember much about my life before that. I know that I didn’t have a nice warm bed to sleep in or soft couches to lay on. I was rescued from my previous life by the Boston Terrier & Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba along with my brother, sister and mom. My human mum tells me that some dogs work at being smart and some work at being cute, and I am very, very cute. I think there may be some kind of insult here………
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5 Responses to Why Pugs are better than newborns

  1. Lindsay says:

    I’m with you, Sabrina! I would way rather snuggle a pug than a newborn any day!!

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  4. katie says:

    i have a pug and a newborn sister and from experience i must say pugs are way better they play newborn sleeps and when you want something soothing to sleep with a baby that wakes up to eat every 3 hours a pug is waaaay better no joke

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