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That’s the Shi-zizzle!

Friday was the best day ever! First of all, The Will took the day off to hang out with me. I love The Will! Then mum came home with a set of doggy stairs to help me get on the … Continue reading

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Get the Cat!

Shinobi is my brother-cat. Although we have only lived together for a bit less than a year, we are the same age – we both turned two. Me in October, him in November. Shinobi was adopted through a no-kill shelter … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – Pugged!

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And they call it Puggle love

So, Timmy has been with us for almost two months, and available for adoption for about three weeks. Honestly I figured the rescue would be buried in applications to adopt him the second his profile hit the web site. And … Continue reading

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Pug Party – New Pug on the Block

This Sunday featured yet another Pug party. They are held every two weeks all winter long. With how cold out is has been, they really are something to look forward to. I missed seeing Bogey there. After more than a … Continue reading

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My career as a Lap-Magnet

Mum asked me to consider the values of having a job to do, regardless of the stress it can cause. I think she is feeling a bit better about the whole concept today. She even came home early and just … Continue reading

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The power of Pug snuggles

Mum has been feeling kind of tense lately. She’s been coming home from work wound tighter than an excited Pug tail. I guess going to work can be very stressful some days. Personally, I would advise against the whole concept … Continue reading

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