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Timmy, this one’s for you

My bestest pal Timmy has a big day ahead of him. Today is the day he gets his nostril widening surgery. Once he heals from his this procedure, he will actually be able to breathe normally without having to gasp … Continue reading

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The Pug Free Zone has been breached

Molly showed me today that the Pug Free Zone does not apply to Cocker Spaniels. Yup, that’s her leaping over the barrier. Show off!

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The joke’s on me


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Yesterday was Louis Riel Day in honour of the Father of Manitoba. This holiday is celebrated on the third Monday in February. It is also my Gotcha Day. In 2010, Louis Riel Day fell on February 15. Given a choice, … Continue reading

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Uh mum, I think you brought home the wrong dog

Some days I have to wonder about the humans I live with. Let me explain. Last week Kira and I went out to visit Lindsay. She is one of the coordinators for the Boston Terrier Pug Rescue; the one Kira … Continue reading

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February means Festival du Voyageur

Bonjour! Kira and I have been feeling like a pair of bonshommes de neige lately. What’s with all French? Well, it is February, and French is the language of love. Oh, and today is the first day of the Festival … Continue reading

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National Sweater Day

In my efforts to live a greener lifestyle and possibly win cool stuff, I, Sabrina Pugtails have agreed to participate in National Sweater Day. I have turned down my thermostat by 3 degrees. Brrrrrr. I am keeping my fuzzy body … Continue reading

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