Pet Care Instructions

The Will and mum have left. They actually went camping without me.

Well, I’ll teach them. I found their Pet Care Instructions for Shinobi and myself. I found them and modified them to My benefit.

Shinobi here. That silly Pug isn’t going to know what hit her. I found her modified instructions and made a few modifications of my own. Heh, heh.


About Sabrina's Pug Tails

My name is Sabrina. I am a three year old fawn pug who lives with my three humans and my brother-cat Shinobi. I came to live with my family in February of 2010. I don’t remember much about my life before that. I know that I didn’t have a nice warm bed to sleep in or soft couches to lay on. I was rescued from my previous life by the Boston Terrier & Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba along with my brother, sister and mom. My human mum tells me that some dogs work at being smart and some work at being cute, and I am very, very cute. I think there may be some kind of insult here………
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5 Responses to Pet Care Instructions

  1. Payton says:

    Oh, no! Sabrina, are you there?!? That cat of yours is up to no good, get a hold of that instruction list pronto! We are on to you Shinobi!
    PS. Hope everyone has a good vacation!

  2. Marlene the Pug says:

    BOL! I think you will you’ve done a great job of fooling your pugsitter!

  3. I really like your modifications Sabrina….on the other paw…Shinobi I am not to impressed with yours :/


  4. winston says:

    BOL oh my goodness guys…. do you thinks the revised instructions will happen? Do you think that huuman is gonna clue into the additions? Hmmmmm this gives me some ideas for when I am left with care instruction.

    PS let me know if it goes over well. Then I can try it out for me. Good lucks.


  5. Shinobi sure is a fancy cat with his lemon water…. this made me laugh so hard I had to share this immediately. Does Shinobi habe a blog too or is that your privilege Sabrina?

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