A song for Labour Day

It’s Friday, Friday
Gotta get down, it’s Friday
Every Puggy’s got a long weekend, weekend
Snuggling, snuggling (yea)
Snuggling, snuggling (yea)
La, la, la
Can’t wait, is the long weekend

╔═══╗ ♪
║███║ ♫
║ (●) ♫                                     I love long weekends!
╚═══╝♪♪                               They just make me want to sing!

The humans thought they may go camping this weekend but have changed their minds and now will be staying home. 2 Pug and 3 humans – makes for a pretty good snuggle ratio. Can’t wait!

Wait……… is there someone at the door?

A big shout out to the folks at Pet Blogs United. They reposted yesterday’s blog about Gizmo and used it as their Friday Foster feature for this week. You can check it out here.



About Sabrina's Pug Tails

My name is Sabrina. I am a three year old fawn pug who lives with my three humans and my brother-cat Shinobi. I came to live with my family in February of 2010. I don’t remember much about my life before that. I know that I didn’t have a nice warm bed to sleep in or soft couches to lay on. I was rescued from my previous life by the Boston Terrier & Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba along with my brother, sister and mom. My human mum tells me that some dogs work at being smart and some work at being cute, and I am very, very cute. I think there may be some kind of insult here………
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13 Responses to A song for Labour Day

  1. Payton says:

    Hi Sabrina! I like that song. I was grovin’ and dancin’! It looks like you were too while singing the song in that picture…adorable!! I’m so excited it’s a 3 day weekend cause that means more time with mom AND dad! Very glad your family decided to stay home to cuddle with you! Tell Gizmo I said Hi. Enjoy the holiday!
    PS. Who is at the door? Can’t wait to find out!!

  2. Mia says:

    I hope you get lots of cuddles on the long weekend!! I get to go to my first pug meet up AND my first cook out!! Can’t wait!!



  3. Mel B says:

    Hi! I saw your blog on PBU and thought I’d stop by and say hi to a fellow Winnipegger. :] From the little bit I’ve seen, I already adore your blog. Plus, you have Lola on your blog roll, so +10000000 points for that :]

  4. Kitty and Coco says:

    Just saw the post on PBU about Gizmo. He is such a cool pug! You know, other than the humping and all..Silly boys. Your Labor Day weekend sounds amazing. Snuggling and no schedule….Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Mom says I have to swim. Already having nightmares.


  5. cassandra says:

    fyi Sabrina if your’e staying in the city there’s gonna be pulled pork made at your aunties on sunday

  6. Hi Sabrina! We hope Gizmo gets a home before his foster’s come back so that they can foster another puggum in need!! Besides, you need a break from all those house guests. Have a fun and puggy-snuggly weekend!!
    Much luvums,
    The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, and Mimi

  7. winston says:

    Who is at the doors……. Ok now it is about times that those pawrents realized that staying home with pugs is way better than camping any day!!!!!

    Happy Labour Day


  8. Southern Fried Pugs says:

    Happy Labor Day weekend, Sabrina! What a great idea about the snowsuit. We have never tried on booties personally. Southeast Virginia is nowhere near as cold as Canada. It usually snows once or twice a year, sometimes it doesn’t snow at all. Fine by us, by the way. So no booties needed here.
    But mom bought a ton of fleece fabric yesterday for more pajamas. We are going to have pajamas coming out our ears!
    What kind of fabric is a snowsuit made out of? Does it need to be waterproof or water resistant? Now mom’s wheels are turning. There may be a snowsuit in our future after all!

    • Hello! My snowsuit from last year is fleece. If it’s cold enough for the snowsuit, it’s too cold to worry about snow melting. The two issues I had last year were snow against my bare belly(it’s open on the belly) and trying to keep my booties on. Mum has been toying with the idea of a modified suit like your jammies that cover the belly and the idea of some how attaching the booties to the outfit – like sleepers with feet.
      When it’s cold here, booties make the difference between a walk 5 houses down (and being carried back) to a walk around the block.

  9. petblogsunited says:

    We spend the weekend snuggling and making ribs. Eating them too!

    Nubbin wiggles,

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