Poppy goes to the park

HI! It’s Poppy here! Sabrina finally let me take over her blog for a day – I think she just got tired of me bugging her.

I wanted to tell you all about the dog park and how much FUN it is! Sabrina and I went a few times while there was still snow on the ground. But it was always too cold to really understand what the fuss was about.

Well just about overnight, the weather has gotten warm and all the snow has melted. Seriously! Just last weekend it was too cold to do anything more than run out for a quick pee, anything else and my toes would freeze.

So on Friday when we headed out I wasn’t too excited, even if the air was warm. The first thing I noticed was the mud. It made the ground slippery, just like the snow but without any of the cold.

(Mum’s note, I’ve posted the pictures fairly small to ensure easy page loading, click on the pictures to biggify and soak in the cuteness.)

And then… then… GRASS!! You hafta understand, I’m still pretty new to this world. For all my life all I’ve ever known was snow. This grass business makes me so happy!

Grass feels so nice on my feet and it gives me so much traction so I can run. I run so fast, you can barely even see me.

And then there were all the lakes. Mum says the ground is still frozen so the water hasn’t had a chance to be absorbed. Blah, blah, blah, WHATEVER! Lakes are almost as much fun as the grass.

Here’s me looking all regal posing with a tree.  The water was nice and warm – not as warm as when I have a bath, but way more fun!

It didn’t take long before I started splashing around. Sabrina, the priss didn’t want to get her delicate paws wet.She misses out on so much fun! Here she is thinking about going in but still acting like a scaredy-pug.

After some taunting on my part and encouraging by the Will, she made the plunge and dove on in.

Splash! Wheeeee! Playing in the water is so much fun! Told you Sabrina! Look at her go!

But enough about her, I’m here to talk about MY dog park fun! Here’s the best part about going to the dog park…….. it’s chalk full of stuff to chew on and eat! Nothing makes me more happy than finding stuff to eat!

There’s bits of wood………….

……….and grass……….

……………and pine cones……………

…… and mud………..

I don’t much recommend the mud, it’s not nearly as yummy as the other stuff you can find.

Oh yea, and new friends – they are another great reason to go to the dog park. I made lots of new friends but me and this guy hit it off right away.

Sabrina is way too concerned with looking pretty to go make friends. I mean, if she were to run and play, she might mess up her fur. Princess!

Me, I’d rather have fun and play.

Mum says that once the weather gets warmer – even warmer than now – the rescue’s Meet-Up group will start meeting for outdoor walks. Imagine a big pack of Pugs and all their friends going for a walk run together! I can’t wait! In the meantime I’ll have to settle with making my own friends. Maybe next time I’ll see you at the park!


About Sabrina's Pug Tails

My name is Sabrina. I am a three year old fawn pug who lives with my three humans and my brother-cat Shinobi. I came to live with my family in February of 2010. I don’t remember much about my life before that. I know that I didn’t have a nice warm bed to sleep in or soft couches to lay on. I was rescued from my previous life by the Boston Terrier & Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba along with my brother, sister and mom. My human mum tells me that some dogs work at being smart and some work at being cute, and I am very, very cute. I think there may be some kind of insult here………
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6 Responses to Poppy goes to the park

  1. Noodles says:

    Oh, Oh, OH!!!! I loves loves loves the DOG PARK but I am a lot like Sabrina. I am not inclined to run uninhibitedly, or play in puddles, or consort with the other dogs. But I love it nonetheless.
    Love Noodles

  2. Payton says:

    Hi Poppy! Oh I just adore this post! Do funny and exciting and packed full of extra cute pictures of you and Sabrina. I am so happy you had a blast! I must confess, as Noodles did, I’m much more…um….reserved, like your sister. Hehee!

  3. Benny & Lily says:

    we are very very jealous
    Benny & Lily

  4. Southern Fried Pugs says:

    Poppy, if you make it down here, you can come play with us. We play like you do!

  5. Alfie says:

    I remember when I was younger and the excitement of grass and water and best of all no more SNOW! Poppy you look like you are having a great time and made a new friend as well. I know you think Sabrina is a Princess, but to me she is so pretty and I love to see her at the Play Groups of which there is one on Sunday. I hope the Ladies will take photos of this event , perhaps one of Sabrina and I. Just a small request. See you on Sunday! Alfie

  6. Hi Poppy!
    These are great photos! You look so happy!
    We hope you are having a great week!

    -Dana, Daisy & Bruce

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