Wordless Wednesday – Busted!

Nothing to see here. I am not cuddling with the cat.... we're just keeping each other warm. Go turn up the heat, it's freezing in here!

Nothing to see here. I am not cuddling with the cat…. we’re just keeping each other warm. Go turn up the heat, it’s freezing in here!

It’s Wednesday and time to head over to BlogPaws for their Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

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Magically appearing puppies

Poppy the black pug

Hey, it’s Poppy here today! Sabrina says now that I’m an adult Pug I need to start talking about more serious stuff; it can’t all be dog-parking and sock stealing adventures. Pfffft!



Meeka at 5 weeks pregnant.

Today I want to introduce you to Meeka. She is a tiny black pug who is only a few month older than me. She is so little and cute, she could be my twin. She came into rescue a few weeks ago after being posted on Kijiji. Her previous family had only just gotten her and her pal – a boy Puggle a few weeks before.

Right about that time Meeka went into heat – something female Pugs (and other dogs too, I guess) do when their bodies think it’s time to start making puppies.

Of course, if your girly bits are removed like mine were, your body will never even think about puppies.

So, she went into heat. Coincidentally her Puggle pal also had all his boy bits. I don’t know how all that stuff works, but Meeka ended up with a tummy full of squirmy puppies and a family who decided that a mom with puppies was going to be way too much work. Up on Kijiji she went.

Thankfully, the rescue constantly watches Kijiji for vulnerable dogs, and so do many of their supporters. Within hours, little Meeka was whisked away and on her way to the vet for a check-up – in a snowstorm even.

The rescue girls were worried about her being so tiny (14 pounds at ½ way through her pregnancy) and the daddy being so big (Puggles usually weigh closer to 30 pounds) but the vet said she’d be ok and set up a follow-up appointment for a better check on the babies once she was closer to the estimated due date of Valentines day.

She won’t be needing that appointment. Somebody must have messed up counting because those puppies came last night.

I’m with The Will and “all for magically appearing puppies”, but I know you want all the gory details and blow-by-blows. So here goes.  **Note – it isn’t all happy. 

11:45 Meeka started pushing.
1:37 – Auntie Jessica got a call from the foster mom, that Meeka had been pushing and then stopped. Starting to get worried, she was going take Meeka to the vet, as nothing had happened for a while. While Auntie was messaging the three vets from Southglen, her foster mom was making a call to the Pembina Emergency Vet, to let them know she may be coming down, then it happened…
1:53 – Puppy #1 – Black Male – moving around and squealing, Meeka cleaned him up well.
2:04 – Puppy #2 – Black Male w/white flash on chest and white on toes. **This little guy didn’t make it. He was squealing when he came out and while she was cleaning him, but then he stopped breathing. Her foster mom tried everything and did the best she could, but we couldn’t get the little angel back…. RIP. 
2:56 – Puppy #3 – Black Female w/white stripe on chest
3:01 – Puppy #4 – Black Male w/long white stripe down chest/tummy area
4:23 – Puppy #5 – Black Male w/triangle-shaped white blaze on chest
5:01 – Puppy #6 – Black Female w/small circle of white on chest

At 7:59 Auntie heard from the foster mom that all were doing well and eating. Meeka is being a good mom; she is very interested in cleaning the babies.

So there you go!  Mum says it will be a few weeks before I get to meet the new babies. I feel a special kinship already. I mean, not only is Meeka a little black Pug just like me, but if I hadn’t been saved by the rescue, that could have been me!

My pal Bellatrix says February is Black Pug month. Yea, I don’t know where she gets these things either but I’ll go with it.

Well Miss Meeka has done Black Pug month proud by introducing 5 healthy, happy little black pugs. Way to go Meeka!

Five "magically appearing puppies" only a few hours old.

Five “magically appearing puppies” only a few hours old.

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Friday Foster Feature – Lilly the Pug/Bulldog

 Lilly-9Meet Lilly. She is a one-year old Pug/Bulldog available for adoption through the Boston Terrier and Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba. She has been staying with us while she looks for her forever home. Lilly loves to play and play. When she is done playing she loves to snuggle. Despite being much larger, Lilly is convinced she is only 15 pounds and no bigger than Poppy. She will try to fit into the smallest spaces to cuddle. She even tries to take over my dog beds which she is way to big for.

From the second she walked through the door her and Poppy have been best buds.
Lilly-2All day long they play. They chase each other through the house and rebound off the couches. They run and jump on the bed and then run back through the house. When they aren’t running about like crazy dogs, they wrestle and play mouths. What is mouths you ask? Watch this and you’ll see.

**Note – All the noise you hear in this video is coming from Poppy. That pup is so LOUD!

Honestly I can’t complain too much. As long as they are keeping each other entertained, they aren’t usually expecting me to play with them. I’d way rather hang out with the humans and cuddle, thank you very much.

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Can we talk?

Sabrina 01-13 Can we talk

It feels like forever since I last posted. So much time has passed, so much has happened.

What happened, you ask?

Can we talk? I mean honestly, you and I. Can we talk?

2012 was a very difficult year here. Lots of sadness and sad times.

I started this blog with mum as a means to focus on the positives in life and share my stories with all my puggy friends (and other dogs too) from the internet all around the world. And for a long time it worked. This blog has given me a sense of purpose for a long time. Many foster doggy friends have gotten exposure that helped them find their forever homes. Poppy has pretty much grown up before your eyes from a wee puppy to an adult. Myself, I have grown as a supermodel and made a ton of friends.

But somewhere along the way, the sadness has become too much and mum (aka the thumbs of this blog) just shut down and stopped asking me for my stories. Sometimes when you are really sad, it’s just too difficult to put on a brave face and share. But there has to come a time where you have to push through and work on getting happier. Today mum and I have decided to share our sadness with you as a first step in healing.

Can you walk this walk with me? Can you be brave and help me be brave too?

2012 started out sad. For a very, very long time – since before I was even born – mum and The Will tried very had to expand their family with a furless baby. The beginning of 2012 marked the time where they came to the realization that this just was never going to happen. Personally, I think Poppy came into our lives as a surrogate for the furless puppy they really wanted.

Life rolled on, spring came with the promise of a new start and then out of the blue, mum’s sister, Auntie C died. April Fool’s? Not quite. Lots of family came to visit. Do you remember?  The grandparents took it especially hard and refused to even talk about it. They refused to let anyone else talk about it either. I’m not sure if you’ve figured out yet, but not talking about the bad stuff doesn’t make it all just go away.  Not talking about it makes things worse.

Anyway, Auntie A’s little boy, Little C went to live with the grandparents. Their shared grief brought them even closer together. It was a bit of an adjustment for everyone but the future held a promise of happiness and growth. They knew that together, even this sadness could be overcome.

Spring turned to summer. This summer wasn’t nearly as hot as the previous summer and yet I was having some real issues with overheating and breathing in the heat. Not even my cooling vest was a help. This meant very few trips to the dog park and walks only if they were after dark. Mum started making noise about me having to face facts that my soft palate was giving me too much trouble and an operation was inevitable. Whenever she would bring this up, my response was simply to walk away and not talk about it. What does not talking get you? Yea, I know.

Life was beginning to get back on track during the summer months (aside from my breathing/overheating issues, which we weren’t talking about). Little C was coming over for overnight visits and the rescue was keeping mum super busy doing good for pugs in need…..

And then it happened again.  This time it was a call to say that Nanna was sick. Was the stress of losing Auntie A just too much? Maybe. Maybe not. It turns out that Nanna must have been sick for a long time and……… just refused to talk about it. She hadn’t felt tip-top for a long time but she didn’t know she was THAT sick. She had only gone to the human vet because of a cough that just wouldn’t go away. The human vet came back with a diagnosis no one expected. BOOM! The Big C.

Three weeks later she was gone.

Auntie C and her boyfriend moved in with Poppa and Little C to help them adjust and mum….. well the blog posts became fewer and farther between.

When last I wrote, Poppy had just celebrated her first birthday. She got the prettiest collar for her birthday. A month later it was my turn. What did I get? A trip to the vet. Mum and The Will decided it was time to do something about my breathing, besides I needed my teeth cleaned anyway. About a week before I was due to see my vet, mum noticed this little pink, pimple-like thing on my neck. I’d had something just like this when I had first been rescued and it had been removed when I went to get my lady-bits removed. Thinking it to be nothing more than a cosmetic fix, mum asked the vet to remove this pimple-thing while I was already asleep. Well, it turns out the vet decided it looked kind of weird to him. Weird in vets-speak is never good. After removing the pimple-thing, he sent it away to be checked by a super-vet. BOOM! The Big C.

Thankfully my vet is confident he got all of it out but he told me that it will come back. If ever I find another pink, pimple-thing, I am to come to him right away. If I can promise to do this, he has promised to continue making sure I stay healthy.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, my throat refused to heal right from my palate surgery. Sure I wasn’t snoring anymore and it was too cold out to even think about overheating, but I was having trouble even drawing breath. Another trip to the vet that involved a sharp poke or two and I returned with a prescription of cheese slices twice a day for 2 weeks. There may have been something extra hidden in the cheese, but any prescription for cheese slices is always welcome in my world.

Christmas has come and gone. I can breathe much easier, but still not as well as I could before my surgery. Auntie C and her boyfriend have moved the to other side of the world to start their new life and (hopefully soon) a new family. Poppa and Little C are planning on moving away this coming summer.

The Will, mum, Poppy, Shinobi and I are still here. Whenever mum starts staring off into space and shutting down, I climb into her lap (even if Poppy is already there) and snuggle. It’s my way of telling her I’m here. Our little family is strong and together we will get past this. The Will,Poppy, Shinobi and I aren’t going anywhere.

2013 is going to be a better year. It has to be.

2013 will be a year of moving forward and of communication. When things start going bad, silence cannot be the answer. I hope you will be here too. Maybe you’ve had your own health problems you’ve overcome. Maybe you have helped your humans through some tough times and maybe, just maybe you’d be willing to share your experiences with me. Because communication has to be more than me telling you my stories. I want to know yours too.

Together maybe we can make 2013 more than just a “better” year. Maybe together we can make a great one! What do you say?


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Wordless Wednesday – Love know no boundries

It’s Wednesday and time to head over to BlogPaws for their Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

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Poppys first birthday – I think I’m an adult now

Poppy here.

Yesterday was my birthday. My very first birthday.

This day marks my passage from puppy to adulthood. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel as an adult – to be honest, I don’t feel any different.

Sabrina is my adult role model, but I certainly don’t think I’ll ever be as laid back as she is. The humans often joke if she were any calmer, she’d be stuffed. That totally doesn’t describe me.

I guess as an adult I’m supposed to start taking more responsibility and take care of my loved ones. I’ve been trying.  I wake mum up almost every day by attempting to share a dirty sock with her. I place it on her face and wait for her to grab it and play tug with me. She never does. But I know playing tug with a stinky sock makes me happy, it must make everyone else happy too. That’s like taking care of her, isn’t it?

As an adult, I’m supposed to start seeing my elders on more of an even level. I gotta tell you, Sabrina and the humans are way below my level. I try to hang out with them, but they just want to sit on the couch or sleep. Really? Life is for exploring – at breakneck speed, if possible. You never know what you’ll find around the next corner. But if you take your time getting there, whatever it is might already be gone.

As a puppy I have gotten away with a lot when it comes to greeting new friends. Dogs are so much more forgiving when you are a puppy. All you have to do is run up to them and then lay on your back, showing your belly and they instantly fall in love with you. Now that I’m a full-grown dog, it just isn’t as easy. I lay there showing my belly and they walk away. Sometimes I have to chase after dogs and lay down in their path several times before they stop and sniff me.

And then there are those special times when you just see someone across an empty field and you just know you are going to be best buds right off the bat.

One thing being an adult means is that I get to be trusted with more responsibility. My kennel was put away a while ago because I was able to prove to the humans that I can be trusted more and more. I get to make more decisions on my own. I have to, Sabrina is too busy sleeping or watching out the window to make them for me.

Sometimes I just decide to sleep on the floor on a blanket rather than snuggle on the couch. It doesn’t happen often, but it’s still my decision to make.

All in all, I think I’m going to like being an adult. I may never be able to conform to all the expectations being an adult dog may bring, but I am sure I’ll have fun trying.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about what I got and how I celebrated my birthday.


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Almost Wordless Wednesday – Learning to swim

Poppy and I went to the dog park last week with some friends. While I hung out in the shade getting lots of cuddles from strangers here is what the others were doing:

Click the images to biggify all the splashy fun

Cali: Hey, what are you doing?
Georgia: I’m swimming. Come and join me, it’s easy

Cali: I’m going in!

Cali: I’m swimming! I’m swimming! Hey! I’m sinking! Ahhhhh!

Random Lab (expert swimmer): Just relax and paddle. See there you got it now.
Cali: I’m swimming! Wheee!

Poppy: Wait for me! I wanna swim too!

Poppy: I’m gonna be the best swimmer ever! I am Pug, I can do ANYTHING!

Poppy: I’m swimming! *sputter* I can do it!
Georgia, Cruiser, Some Random Dog: *Snicker* Yea, you’re doing great kid

Sabrina: Come on guys, the suns going down. Let’s go for a walk!

Sabrina: Ah, glorious sunshine. I love the dog park!

It’s Wednesday and time to head over to BlogPaws for their Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop. 

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