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Almost Wordless Wednesday – How many bodies can you fit on a loveseat?

During the winter months we all spend lots of time bundled on the couch. There’s usually a month or two every winter where it’s just too cold to go outside for more than a quick pee and then back inside … Continue reading

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Lazy weekend

It was a pretty quiet weekend here. Freya has finally gotten well enough to come live with us again. Sadly, she managed to pick up a bit of a cold and has been feeling all around sorry for herself. This … Continue reading

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Parting is such sweet sorrow

My good friend and foster-brother Timmy has finally found his forever home. Last week I posted a feature blog for him in hopes that some special family would read it and feel compelled to adopt him. Well I have to … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – Pugged!

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And they call it Puggle love

So, Timmy has been with us for almost two months, and available for adoption for about three weeks. Honestly I figured the rescue would be buried in applications to adopt him the second his profile hit the web site. And … Continue reading

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The squeaky Pug gets the snuggles

Once again the squeaky wheel Pug gets the grease snuggles…… …..or maybe mum’s cold has finally gotten the better of her. Either way, this is how I spent my evening. And here’s how Timmy spent his evening. Let the cold … Continue reading

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How Pug-time is better than gym-time

Part of mum’s resolutions was to get in to better shape and possibly join a gym. One my resolutions was to blog on a regular basis. Well mum got a free trial pass to a gym and has been using … Continue reading

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